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Purrfect Endings!

Purrfect Endings!

Our goal at Animal House is to aid and prepare our cats and kittens in finding their forever homes…so of course, we are always thrilled when they find their match! Read what our adopters have to say below about their newest family members from Animal House.


Trudy & Meadow

Writing to report they are doing great. I’ve attached a few of our favorite pictures of the past few months of them settling in to their new home. Silky (mostly white) has been renamed Trudy and Vicki (mostly orange) has been renamed Meadow.

Trudy is full of energy and curiosity and wants to explore everything. She’s learning what she can and can’t get into. Meadow is a little more cautious and mild mannered and such a sweetie. They love to run through the house chasing each other, and playing with their mousies and other toys. They love to climb on their scratcher and look out the windows and Trudy likes to fetch paper balls and bring them back, it’s super cute! And they love their wet food and yummy treats.

They aren’t short of getting in to a little mischief once in a while, but are learning the ropes and are keeping us on our toes.

All in all, they are doing very well and Dan and I are happy to welcome our new companions to the family. We look forward to enjoying all they bring to our lives as they continue to grow and learn.

Dan and Ashlie




I love love LOVE hearing updates from adopters. I’m glad to hear Clove and Peanut are getting along wonderfully! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

I think Vito (FKA Wainwright) is pretty comfortable in his home as well. 






Odin and Cookie

Odin and Cookie napping together on a rainy day. – Mindy











Vito is doing well! He made a little pillow fort today 🙂
– Jordan



Our animal house kitty, Mia formerly Marvin, sends her love to all the animal house volunteers! She adopted us March of 2017 ❤









Cali Cat


We love our Animal House kitty. Cali Cat has been an absolute joy in our home. #funnykitty
– Jennifer







Allegra wishes everyone at Animal House a happy Valentine’s Day!
– Angela








Hi Animal House,
I just wanted to give a quick update to everyone (especially Claudia who helped me during the adoption and delivery!) I adopted Olga (now named Clove) about a month ago and just wanted to say thank you! It was a very smooth transition and everyone there was so helpful when I came in looking for the perfect addition. She has really opened up to be one of the sweetest little kitties. She begs for pets and snuggles and loves playing with string toys. It only took about a week for her to be accepted by my resident cat Peanut. They groom each other often and run laps around my apartment together. Peanut even shares the top shelf of the cat tree with her. They’ve become very good friends in such a short time!

Thanks again,




“My bubble bath buddy❣”
– Abby












“He’s currently perfectly healthy and a very playful and very noisy cat with a habit of waking us up a couple of minutes before our alarms go off.  How he learned to do that, we have no clue!”
– Alexis and Nicolle










“Momo, previously Vivaldi, has been with us for a few weeks and is doing great! He loves belly rubs and playing fetch, as well as looking at squirrels out the window. We’re not sure if he’s part dog, but we love him either way. 😉 Thanks for introducing us to our new best friend! ❤”
– Lauren






















“Benny is doing very well. He went to the vet today and is happy to be home from there.”
– Sarah










“Jax is quite at home. He was slow to emerge from his safe room due to dog sounds but now he actually enjoys playing with the dogs. He’s also smitten with my daughter, so they have bonded quite well. Thanks for helping with his adoption. He is a perfect fit.”
– Kat






“Sheldon is happy in his new home!”
– Wei

















“Dorito says hello to his friends at Animal House on his birthday! After a big birthday breakfast, he is enjoying some play time and watching the gentle rain. Hope Saturday is a wonderful day at Animal House <3. ” – Cindy













“I am happy today that Daffidil has been the perfect fit for our family.” – Mary













“Frampton is doing well!” – Tiffany










“My husband Dane and I adopted Fortune back in April of this year. Janet helped us through the whole process and was so wonderful! We ended up changing his name to Darth Vader (dorky I know), but he has just made himself right at home. I actually think he believes he is a human! Recently, Dane has been taking some great photos of him and just thought I would share our happy little adoption story with you all! He loves chasing ice cubes around the kitchen, watching birds out the window, and somehow squeezes right between us in bed at night. Definitely spoiled rotten. Thank you guys for finding the perfect fit for our family!”

– Melina
















“Athena has overcome her shyness and runs like a herd of elephants though the house! She loves the laser pointer and her favorite toy is a troll. She sleeps in various chairs and takes afternoon naps on the bed with her brother, Gnocchi. She loves to wrestle and wash Gnocchi’s head. She is also very quiet but recently has let out a couple of little meows!











“Sabrina always needs her cuddles! I love this girl so much!” – Deztiny












Elvis and Presley

















Lou is perfect. We came in with one request that our future family member would like dogs. The volunteer very carefully pointed out cats that she assumed would be okay with dogs. Lou picked my daughter that day.

We had no idea how dog friendly he would be. We sometimes think he believes he is a small dog. He fit right into the group. He adores playing with our 80 and 50 lb dogs.

I can tell that feeding time is very special at Animal House because he loves the act of being fed. He doesn’t rush to eat. He rushes to show affection and receive affection. I have no idea what life was like pre rescue for him but his days are filled with love, cardboard boxes to play in, his favorite blanket, play time with humans and big dogs, only the best toy crinkle balls, window bird watching and snuggles.

Thanks so much for the care he was given before he found us.

– Kat



“Theo is completely at home and taking over boxes. And LOVES all the attention he can get!!”









“Winnie has adjusted to her new home very quickly and is practicing being queen 🙂 ”
– Anna













“We’ve had Minerva for a week now and her confidence has skyrocketed since we first met her.
She is also getting along and playing with Rocky and Buck. And she loves to cuddle.

We could not be any happier with our newest family member! She is definitely at home and she loves playing with her two old brothers. Her spunk has come through since we first met her and she is one big kissing and cuddling machine! Here she is with our other cat, Buck, in one of their favorite snuggle spots.” – Hailey






Unwinding after a rough day testing out surfaces to see which one is most comfortable to nap on. I was hired for this job a few months ago. Apparently, they saw my skills when they visited Animal House and decided to bring me on full time. The pay is good: food, snacks, cuddles, toys. It’s a nice gig. Sometimes, I even play my favorite game, Killer Bunnies, with my peeps. #mynameispulpo #killerbunnies #sundayfunday #animalhouse #18hoursofsleepadayisaright #sorryforwakingthehumansforfoodthismorning #food #morefood #andtreatstoo








“Is this thing on? It’s on? Oh, hi, Animal House! I’m Ceviche. Remember me? You can see here behind me my favorite part of my new home.

STAIRS! SEE?! STAIRS!! These things are great! You can run up them and then after you’ve done that, you can run down them. Or you can just stand on them like I’m doing here to get a birds-eye view of the room. I do it to search for my favorite toy mouse. We call him blue mouse. Wait, there he is. Gotta go!”








“Walter has been such a blessing to us – we are so in love! He cracks us up daily!”
– Nathan and Caiti















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