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Animal House AdoptionsFinding your ideal cat is a fun and exciting process. It’s also something that we take seriously here at Animal House. We find our cats forever families by helping you find the right feline for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Learn about the steps in our adoption process below. Please note:  We adopt to families within a 60 mile radius. 

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Meet Your Match

We have more than 200 unique, adoptable cats in our care. Visit them on AdoptaPet or PetFinder before meeting them nose-to-whisker at Animal House.

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Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of cats find permanent, loving homes.
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                 The Next Member of Your Family is Waiting to be Found!

Step 1

Visit Us
We’re thrilled you’re considering taking the first step: a visit to our adoption center. Animal House is open by appointment. Email animalhouse@stlcats.org to schedule.

Step 2

You’ll fill out an application and talk about the kind of cat you have in mind with an adoption coordinator. They know each of our 200+ cats and can help you focus on those that are ideal for your life and home.

Step 3

You and your new cat will live together for a lifetime, so this step is important. You’ll have one-on-one quality time with potential matches. You could make a connection instantly, or it may take a few visits.

Step 4

Vet Appointment
Once you’ve selected your cat or kitten, we ready them for the move into your home with a final wellness visit to the vet, plus micro-chipping and vaccinations if needed. This takes a day or two. Please be patient!

Step 5

Home Visit
We will work with your schedule to hand deliver your new family member and help smooth the transition. Any additional paperwork is completed at this time and the $125 adoption fee is collected.

Your adoption is officially complete at the end of your home visit, but it’s just the beginning of happily ever after for you and your new cat. Click here to read about AH kitties who have found their forever homes!

Your Home Could Be A Forever Home

Animal House believes in responsible adoption, because it’s what leads to the successful placement of cats in forever homes. Our adoption process supports this, helping to ensure that potential adopters are fully prepared for the commitment they are making, in both time and resources. During our adoption process, we help you find the right feline-human chemistry for a long-term relationship. We also help you make sure that it’s the right time in life for you to bring a new cat into your home.

We recommend adopting when your life is reasonably routine. This is because adoptions are life-changing not just for cats, but for you too. So if you have a move, vacation, wedding, divorce, new baby, home construction or other major life event on the horizon, please consider adopting when that event has passed and life is back to normal. This will ensure you and your new cat have the very best start for your lifelong relationship.

Please Note: For the safety and security of the cats in our care, we adopt to individuals age 24 and older.

Kitten Policy

 Animal House recognizes the value in a baby cat staying with a consistent caretaker in the early stages of life, so we do not adopt kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old. Kittens raised by their mother or surrogate caretaker are healthier and better adjusted overall, growing into pets that are a joy to have for a lifetime, through all ages and stages.

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Adoption Hours

By appointment, just email us.

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