A Better Life for Cats in St. Louis

Success Stories

Tori’s Story¬†

Had this tiny 5 month old not been found by a kind family and brought to Animal House, it is likely that she would not have survived.

Found in a kind samaritan’s yard mid- October, just before the cold weather hit St. Louis, Tori had suffered a severe leg injury that prevented her from being able to walk. She was scared and in pain, but that has all changed.

Tori recently underwent two surgeries – our vet determined that her injured leg needed to be amputated and she was spayed. We are so grateful that Tori is recovering at Animal House. She is safe, loved, and will soon be looking for her forever family!







Once abandoned by a trash dumpster, now forever cherished..

Butternut, Autumn, Acorn, Wishbone, and Cranberry were found left to the elements, stuffed in an overheated pet carrier, and crawling with fleas.

After intensive treatment for malnutrition, fleas, and other potential parasites, this sweet sibling group is growing up right before our eyes – and we’re so happy to report that they are recovering and doing very well.

Official glamour shots are coming soon! Stay tuned!